WTBU leaders condolence to faculty members who still stick to their jobs on Dragon Boat Festival holiday


Wuhan Technology and Business University has entered the graduation season since June 18. June 25 is the Dragon Boat Festival and there are still more than 50 graduates returning to school on the day. The staff at the reception points spent the holiday while holding their posts. On the morning of the Dragon Boat Festival, the Party Secretary Liu Shengyuan, the Principal Xiong Rui, the director of the school office and other delegations came to the school entrance and one-stop service center to expressed their condolences with the festive blessings and sincere condolences. They also served the Dragon Boat Festival gifts to the front-line staff on behalf of the college.

In addition, WTBU decided to give free dumplings and salted eggs to every teacher and student who came to the cafeteria to add a festive atmosphere to the people who worked overtime at the festival.