Welcome back!WTBU welcomed the first batch of graduates


On June 18th, Wuhan Technology and Business University welcomed the first batch of 347 graduates in 2020. 

At 7:00 on the morning of the 18th, on the playground under the drizzle, some school leaders, teachers and graduate representatives held a special flag-raising ceremony for the opening of the college. 

Gong Kewen, one of the graduate students of the School of Management, was the first to return to school and participated in the flag-raising ceremony. I missed the teachers and classmates very much at home. This flag-raising ceremony made me feel very meaningful. I once again relived the beautiful university life. My heart is full of nostalgia and reluctance.

At 7:10 in the morning, graduate student Zhang Peng of the School of Environmental and Biological Engineering back to school early to prepare for graduation procedures. What surprised him was that the principal of WTBU, Xiong Rui greeted him at the entrance of the college with a smile on her face. Welcome home! Please keep safe at school. If you have any quetions, you can ask your counselor at any time. Beside the principal, his counselor Wang Mengke also waited for him at the college gate. The warm reception by the principal and counselor filled Zhang Peng's heart with warmth.

In order to provide intimate and considerate services to graduates, the school leaders require a one-to-one intimate service between teachers and students to help students to go through the procedures in an orderly manner. Liu Tao, one of the teachers of the Public Department picked up one of the graduates who arrived at 4:30 in the morning at the Wuchang Railway Station.

At the same time, the college also organized a volunteer team of nearly 100 teachers to help pick up and drop off graduates and carry graduation luggage to the station. Peng Liehua, an employee of the Information Center, is a member of the volunteer service team. In the early morning, he helped the graduates to send luggage to the school express point in the dormitory building. In this different graduation season, we have to serve students better.

In order to leave a good campus memory for graduates, the college  specially sent a special gift for every graduate. The gift is a postcard printed with the four seasons scenery of WTBU. Many teachers and counselors wrote blessings and expectations for graduates on postcards, which made graduates feel a different kind of warmth.

At 12:00, ethnic minority graduate student Yasen Zacker from Xinjiang enjoyed a special treatment in the student cafeteria. The school cafeteria specially fried several special dishes for him. It turned out that the school did not open the ethnic canteen during this time. The Student Work Department learned about the return of these ethnic minority graduates in advance and specially prepared a new pot for them to cook for them.

"Back to school is as kind as at home. The school teachers not only carried the luggage for us, but also prepared food for me alone.  I really want to be able to continue studying at school! Yasen Zacker said emotionally."

 In order to help graduates to enter and leave school quickly and safely, the school put up a awning at the door, set up a student registration office, a fast track for scanning code temperature and nucleic acid certification verification. Graduates who have completed all the procedures online in advance can enter the school through the channel very fast. For graduates who have not completed all procedures in advance, the school has also set up a one-stop service center, so that students can complete all procedures in one place.

In order to leave precious university memories to the graduates, each college has also organized its own unique commemorative activities.

The college's main road is full of good wishes for graduates.

Four years ago, WTBU was the place where students' dreams stated, but now, it is the starting point for studetns to start a nwe life journey. Youth never ends.