The head of WTBU Dragon Boat Team was invited to participate in the "Hubei Voice" live broadcast program


The Dragon Boat Festival is approaching. The annual Huangjiahu Dragon Boat Cultural Festival has been held twice in succession. This festival is jointly sponsored by the Hubei Provincial Sports Bureau, Hubei Daily Media Group, Hongshan District People’s Government and jointly undertaken by Wuhan Technology and Business University and Chutian Metropolis Daily. It has gradually become cultural brand event with strong water ecological civilization characteristics and beautiful business cards of the Dragon Boat Culture in Hubei Province. It has been widely reported by the central, provincial and municipal media and have produced good social impact.

Due to the impact of the epidemic this year, the Dragon Boat Culture Festival has changed the form. It will be held online this year. The dragon boat culture and knowledge will be popularized through various online activities. On June 10, Zhu Wei, the head of WTBU dragon boat team was invited to the Hubei Voice I Love Sports+ program to inherit and promote the spirit of the dragon boat and build the most beautiful ecological university. 

In the past years, the Huangjiahu Dragon Boat Cultural Festival attracted dragon boat teams from universities like Wuhan University, Huazhong University of Science and Technology, Hubei University of Traditional Chinese Medicine, Wuhan University of Science and Technology, Jianghan University and other enterprise dragon boat teams such as Wuhan Caidian Dragon Boat Association Team, Hubei Farmers Sports Association Dragon Boat Team, Hubei Provincial Best Water Sports Club team to compete on the same stage.

Every year, the cultural festival site also carried out a variety of Dragon Boat Festival cultural experiences and non-legacy cultural interaction activities. At the scene, the teachers and students personally wrapped the scented rice dumpling leaves and the grains of glutinous rice into tempting rice dumplings to felt the strong festive atmosphere of the Dragon Boat Festival. More than 10 non-legacy inheritors showed popular science and display origami, cloth stickers, Han embroidery, Traditional folk arts such as paper cutting and straw weaving to everyone.

On the same day, the Hongde Bowen Forum, the Yangtze River Ecological Forum and other academic and cultural forums were held. Academic masters were invited to give lectures on the theme, advocating the promotion of the construction of aquatic ecological civilization, which brought people a feast of ideas.

Each year, the Huangjiahu Dragon Boat Cultural Festival has received enthusiastic support and active participation from the society. It has been widely followed and reported by many media at the central, provincial and municipal levels. The effect of communication is remarkable. It fully showing the college's profound humanistic heritage and the spiritual outlook of the majority of teachers and students.