WTBU won several awards in the 2020 Accounting and Business Management Case Competition


On May 27, the results of the Accounting and Business Management Case Competition of 2020 National College Business Elite Challenge were announced, three teams of accounting major in the School of Management of Wuhan Technology and Business University achieved 1 first prize, 2 second prizesand the best college organization award in the competition.

This competition was jointly organized by Chinese Chamber of International Commerce and Chinese Society of Business Accounting. After being evaluated by the organizing committee of the competition, 218 teams from all over the country were shortlisted for the finals. Due to the epidemic situation, the final was changed from the previous offline evaluation to online. The competition was divided into two parts: knowledge competition and practice competition. The main assessment was the contestants' professional knowledge in management accounting and financial management, as well as accounting and business case analysis ability. The knowledge contest was a form of individual contest, which was organized by the participating colleges and universities by answering online questions. Only qualified players in the knowledge contest can get the qualification to participate in the practice contest. The practice competition was based on the 2016-2018 performance report of Aofei Entertainment, which required each team to act as a business strategy consultant to study the Aofei Entertainment business management model and formulate a business plan to improve its business performance in the next three years.

After nearly three months of careful preparation, through the selection in the college, the "Tiantian Xiangshang" team composed of four students of Wang Han, Cheng Yao, Liu Jian, Wang Yu, the "Quanli Chongci" team composed of Liu Jiarui, Cheng Xianwei, Chen Hui, Qin Yongdi and the "Qinglushi" team composed of Li Man, Tao Wendeng and Shi Cuncun stood out under the guidance of teachers Zhou Shiya, Liang Ting and Zhu Fengnian. They represented WTBU in the national finals.

Wang Han, the first prize winner of the competition and a student of the School of Accounting at the School of Management, is the leader of the "Tiantian Xiangshang" team. She said, "During this process, I deeply felt the power of unity,thanks to my teammates."