Ba Duan Jin Lecture


Sports Time

    In order to enhance the health awareness of international students in our college, improve everyone's physical fitness and promote a scientific and healthy lifestyle, in the afternoon of May 21st, the School of International Education invited Qiu Tao, a teacher of the School of Economics and Business Foreign Languages to conduct a Ba Duan Jin health education Lecture on the internet.

Explain the funtion of Ba Duan Jin by teacher Qiu Tao

    Ba Duan Jin is an ancient fitness practice widely spread in China. It is closely combined with the traditional health concept. The whole set of movements is soft and slow. Because of its simple and easy movement, the demand for the venue is smaller, and the fitness and health effects are indeed remarkable, which is deeply loved by people.

    In the live broadcast teaching, Ms. Qiu taught Ba Duan Jin through a combination of theory and practice. She first briefly introduced the origin and essentials of Ba Duan Jin. Then, she led everyone to study the full course and gave careful and detailed guidance to the Ba Duan Jin action essentials.

    Through this lecture, everyone basically mastered the essentials of the movement of Ba Duan Jin and developed a strong interest in it. This entertaining lecture format is deeply loved by everyone, and everyone has expressed that they will practice repeatedly in the future to relax the body and mind, strengthen the body to seek happiness in fitness and reap happiness in work.