School of Information Engineering of WTBU holds the Second Class Notes Competition


            In order to better implement the online teaching requirements during the epidemic,  further improve students' learning efficiency and cultivate students' good study habits, recently, the School of Information Engineering of Wuhan Technology and Business University has organized the second Class Notes Competition. Students who can win the competition will receive corresponding award certificates and innovative credits.

         It is reported that the participants of this competition are freshmen, sophomore, and juniors of the School of Information Engineering. The competition consists of the preliminary, rematch and final. It is first selected in each class, then the number of outstanding note-taking works in each class will be calculated according to 15% of the total number of students in the class. The PPT file of the notes will be submitted to the academic tutor of each class before June 25. The college will organize students to grade the preliminary entries online. After removing the highest score, the lowest score and taking the average score, the top 30% of the works will be promoted to the final, then the college will organize teachers to grade the entries in the final.

       The scoring criteria for notes mainly include five aspects, namely the number of pages of the note, the degree of handwriting, logic, the innovation of the content and form of the note, and the design effect of the PPT. There are 4 first prizes, 8 second prizes and 12 third prizes that are set for the students in the final of the competition. All of them will be awarded with corresponding award certificates and 1.5, 1.0 and 0.5 innovation credits respectively.

           It is reported that the competition requires the participating works are presented in handwritten paper files and one note is the record content of a course. Participating students should mark the page number in the bottom right corner of each page in order, take photos of the work, then insert the photos into the PPT and submit to the college.
           Liu Qingyue, who is the person in charge of the competition, said that during the special period when students are unable to return to school as scheduled, the class notes competition will not only improve the efficiency of students' home-based online learning, but also help students develop good study habits and enhance their learning abilities of induction.

          "I can get innovative credits by participating in the competition, which makes my learning more motivated, because only by studying carefully can I make notes, and good notes can also allow me to rationalize my thinking in learning, thereby promoting learning.Xie Jundong, a 2017 telecommunications student at the college, said excitedly. In addition, he also shared his own way of organizing notes. "I generally take notes twice, the first time is to record in class, and the second time is to review and organize the notes that are recorded in class. This process of organizing notes is a good way of reviewing the learning content, so that learning and review can be combined. "