Wuhan's volunteer project attracts more than 10,000 applicants


    A volunteer project has attracted more than 10,000 applicants in Wuhan shortly after its kick-off on Feb. 23.

▲ Citizens apply to join volunteer project at Huajin community.

    Authorities announced the recruitment on Feb. 23 to help Wuhan residents, who are required to stay home as part of the epidemic prevention and control methods, buy crops and vegetables in downtown areas. The volunteers will also be running errands for them.

▲ Volunteers help to distribute vegetables at Changqing Garden community.   Photo by Liu Bin

    "I saw the recruitment in our community's chatting group," said Zhou Qing, a college teacher. "I knew that there is a shortage of hands in the community, so I applied."

▲ Volunteers deliver vegetables to residents of Huajin community.   Photo source: Xinhua News Agency

Source: Xinhua News Agency