More medics rush to join the fight in Wuhan


▲ Medical workers arrive Wuhan Tianhe International Airport   Photo by Zhan Song

    Wuhan received 41 charter flights on Feb. 9 with over 5,000 medical workers onboard, the most in a single day since the beginning of the epidemic.

▲ Medical staff onboard

    The medics came from more than a dozen provinces and municipalities across the country, and rushed to designated hospitals in Wuhan and other cities in Hubei Province, according to the Hubei Airport Group.

    The State Council announced on Feb. 7 that the 16 cities in Hubei province that have been the hardest hit by the outbreak of the novel coronavirus have each been partnered with a province or municipality that will provide it with assistance.


By arranging each province or municipality to specifically send help to one city, Hubei cities other than Wuhan are expected to get the help that they are in dire need of.

▲ Checking patient's body temperature  

   Besides, the arrangement also help to better distribute resources among the cities. Whatever each city needs, it can more conveniently tell the province that it is paired with and thus get the help it needs. By raising the efficiency of distributing limited resources, the nation can put these scarce resources to best use.

                     Photo from Changjiang Daily

Source: China Daily & Xinhua News Agency