WTBU was approved to add three undergraduate majors


      Recently, the Ministry of Education issued the Notice on the Announcement of the Results of Examination and Approval of Undergraduate Majors of General Colleges and Universities in 2019. The three new undergraduate majors applied by Wuhan Technology and Business University, namely Robot Engineering, Software Engineering and Art and Technology, have been successfully approved by the Ministry of education through the application, publicity and review procedures. WTBU will start to enroll students for these three majors from 2020.

        It is reported that the setting of the above majors provide new space for the college disciplines development. After the approval of the three new majors, WTBU will have 42 undergraduate majors covering six disciplines, including engineering, management, economics, art, literature and law, which not only enrich the majors, expand the platform for running the college, but also enhance the integration of the majors and promote the development of the characteristic education.

        In the future, WTBU will strengthen the construction of newly established specialties, take social development needs as the guide, enhance the professional connotation, highlight the professional characteristics and comprehensively integrate teaching and scientific research resources. In addition, WTBU will continue to strengthen the construction in the aspects of teaching staff, teaching conditions, core curriculum, talent training program and social demand matching to build professional brands and improve the quality of college education and teaching.