Public works created by WTBU teachers and students entered the mobile cabin hospital


        On February 25, A batch of works from the Global Public Welfare Call-up Event entered the Huanghe Mobile Cabin Hospital in Wuchang. In this batch of works, there were not only the praises for the heroic workers and the support from all of the country, but also presented the cheer for Wuhan in combination with the regional culture. They vividly demonstrated the positive energy of the conviction that the city is committed to win the battle of epidemic prevention and control.

    Among them, four works created by teachers and students of Wuhan Technology and Business University were impressive. Mr. Xu Zhengbing's Stay strong, Wuhan, the students Chen Sirui and Yang Zihao's works Human Ladder—We are all together and Punch out were selected as the excellent prizes of the 2020 Global Campaign for Public Welfare Design to fight against epidemic. Their works were exhibited in the Wuhan Huanghe Mobile Cabin Hospital, which brought strong confidence and warmth to patients and medical workers.

        Xu Zhengbing, the deputy dean of the School of Art and Design and the principal of Character Painting China project, adopted a unique form of Chinese character painting. In his two works, he skillfully integrated many representative scenic spots, delicacies of Hubei and doctors, polices and other selfless staffs into the four Chinese characters of “武汉”“加油”. He said that at the moment of the current epidemic situation, he wanted to use the power of creative design to cheer for Wuhan.

        The work Human Ladder-We are all together was not only warming but also contagious. In the work, unknown medical staffs, soldiers, delivery men, police, sanitation workers and volunteers worked together with love to build a ladder for the hope of countless people's lives. "In the face of difficulties, there are always some people who are paying for us silently. They protect our lives and provide convenient services for our clothing, food, shelter and transportation. They are the most amiable, lovely and respectable people." Chen Sirui, the author of the work, told reporters that she wanted to express her respect and gratitude to these people by means of the work Human Ladder.

        Teachers and students of WTBU have created more than 40 posters on the theme of epidemic prevention and control, more than 20 works have been created by teachers and students in TDXlab experimental class of the School of Science and Design. "I designed 6 works and participated in two exhibition activities. After seeing my works, my students also took the initiative to create related theme poster creations," talking about the students' works, Associate Professor Zheng Zhong, the instructor of the experimental class said with satisfaction: "I really didn't expect that freshmen in our college could create 20 excellent works in a short period of time."

        Associate Professor Zheng Zhong is the Deputy Dean of the School of Science and Technology Design of Wuhan Technology and Business University. His posters such as Wuhan, keep fighting, Support from all Sides to help Wuhan, Day and night of Wuhan were published in different creative work exhibitions. Among them, Day and night of Wuhan was created by Associate Professor Zheng Zhong with the most symbolic protective product at present - mask. It used high-definition scanning, luminous fiber, photography and combination splicing to show the cleanness and peace of daytime in Wuhan and the depth and anxiety of night in Wuhan.


       Peng Yike, the author of the student poster work Don’t believe in rumors, said that although he is from Shanxi, he has been deeply in love with the city of Wuhan during the six-month studying in Wuhan.  "As a student majoring in Art and Science, I want to use my own creativity to convey the concept of not believing in rumors, not using medicines indiscriminately by combining elements such as mobile phone shells, pills and words. At the same time, I also want to express my little intention to cheering for Wuhan."

     In addition, 19 teachers and students from the 2018 digital media special class of WTBU carefully created 9 theme posters for epidemic prevention and control. They expressed their determination and will to fight against the epidemic with their motherland in their unique ways. As some students did not bring their computers home during the holidays, the creation of these works can be described as bumpy, but in the end, through sharing design ideas, working together to create, modify and improve, teachers and students overcame various difficulties and worked out 9 themed public welfare posters such as Punch out, Destroy the little monster of the epidemic, Retrograde of Hope and together with Wuhan in 15 days. They transformed the touching scenes during the fight against the epidemic into vivid literary and art works. These works gathered the strong positive energy of unity, working hard to overcome the difficulties, and the firm belief of winning the epidemic fight.

        “I hope these public welfare works will accompany the patients and medical staffs in the hospital to strengthen their confidence and work through the difficulties together,” said Associate Professor He Xuan, the secretary-general of the event organizing committee of WTBU.