Proposal for Indoor Exercise


Dear students,

    In order to fully implement WTBU arrangements for epidemic prevention and control, strictly prevent the spread of epidemic, and protect the health and life of all students, we propose that everyone should actively carry out indoor fitness activities at home, so as to strengthen physical fitness, immunity in fighting epidemic.

    According to the recommendations of the Sports Committee of WTBU, the following sports training plans are formulated for reference. Please take into consideration of your actual situation, and conduct indoor sports exercises in a reasonable manner.

10:00-11:00, Baduanjin or simplified Tai Chi or other indoor freehand fitness;

16: 30-17: 30, Anti-epidemic Aerobics or other indoor freehand fitness.


    Let us work together to fight the new coronavirus pneumonia epidemic!


School of International Education


Feb. 4, 2020 



1.Baduanjin Instruction:

2. Anti-epidemic Aerobics Instruction:


3. Tai-Chi Instruction Video


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