Fight against Coronavirus with Emotional Powers, We Can!


    Emotional state is closely related to immunity, and a stable mood is a strong barrier against the virus. Confronted with new coronaviruses, we can also learn to face the epidemic, respond positively, and apply our emotional power against the virus. We provide the following suggestions to improve our psychological immunity:

I. Identify and allow your negative emotions.

    During isolation, because of various restrictions, unfamiliar circumstances, and uncertain situations, everyone might have emotional fluctuations: flustered, overwhelmed, angry, doubtful, depressed, lonely, abandoned, and so on. These are not only ordinary people's natural reactions in the crisis situations, but also self-protection methods. They are important abilities for human beings to be vigilant and avoid danger. I can panic ..., These emotions indicate that I am normal ....


II. Screen rationally to understand knowledge and information correctly.

    Screening information rationally is the right way to maintain your own emotional stability and understand the outside world. Find reliable sources of information and pay attention to the information released by authoritative media. As college students, we must mobilize our own knowledge or common sense to judge the correctness and reliability of information and knowledge.For the choice of information sources, you may check

World Health Organization


China Daily

III. Make a workable daily schedule.

    Staying indoor can also be very interesting. We can have extra time to make plans, study, read, listen to music, draw and so on. Things that did not have time to do at home now can now be realized, and by doing this you can divert attention and you can also use this time to improve yourself.


IV. Talk with friends, families and classmates.

    Communication is the most effective way to release stress. Bai Yansong said in the Spring Festival Gala show the virus is isolated, love isn't. Indeed, in isolation, you still have family, friends, and teachers worrying about you.


V. Try self-intervention to relieve anxiety.

    If you feel very anxious, helpless, and afraid at this moment, you can try the following meditation method for 3-5 minutes. Maybe you feel very difficult at the first time. But it doesn't matter. Try to do it slowly, and do as much as you can.

    1. Please find a place with a backrest so that you can sit comfortably and relax. 

    2. Select a piece of music with no lyrics and a slower rhythm. Close your eyes and slowly adjust your breathing along with the music. Feel each breath and inhale, and feel your feet on the ground until you relax yourself completely and your breath calms down. 

    3.Imagine that it is now 2020 *, the epidemic situation has stabilized, people's lives have finally returned to normal, and everything is fine. What are you doing at the moment? With whom? Where will it be? Try to imagine that picture and fill the content of that picture. 

    4. Everything is fine. At this moment, I am already working, living, and studying normally after the epidemic is over. What do I want to say to myself in January 2020 in the eyes of the epidemic storm? At this moment, what kind of words do you want to say that you can support and encourage yourself who are still in the epidemic? Try to meditate on these issues in the music. When the music is over and you feel you can, slowly open your eyes and return to reality.

    If you find it difficult to meditate, you can choose to draw, or write it down with a pen and paper. Do not write with a mobile phone. Find a real piece of paper and it will be much more effective. Difficulty is like a spring. When you are weak, it is strong. When you are strong, it is weak. Let us bravely overcome it, and life will be great again!

    At last, my dear students, if you are a confirmed case of the new coronavirus, please believe in professional assisstance, and don't be afraid; if you are a suspected patient, please adhere to careful observation without dodging; Please face the virus optimistically without tension; if you are among the mass, please keep a normal routine without anxiety. In 2020, please fill your life with love, love yourself, love others, love life!