Implementing Regulations on Teaching Arrangements during the Epidemic Prevention Period for International Students in the Second Semester of 2019-2020 Academic Year


Dear students,

    In order to further prevent and control the pneumonia epidemic caused by the new coronavirus infection, and guarantee the safety of teachers and students, Wuhan Technology and Business University decides to postpone the back-to-school time of the second semester of 2019-2020 academic year. And the specific start time will be notified once decided. During this period, in accordance with the requirements of relevant national and provincial guidelines and the requirement of delaying the start time of school but not delaying learning, the teaching arrangements of the second semester of 2019-2020 academic year are hereby notified as follows:

 . Downloading related online teaching software

   1. Download Zhi Dao”“Xue Xi Tongand register. Online learning resources will be uploaded to these platform.

   2. Download reading tools, such as Office, PDF Reader, etc. on your computer and mobile phone.

   3. Make sure your WeChat account is accessible for later online teaching.

. Setting up online teaching WeChat group

    Teacher of each course shall set up a WeChat group for international studentscourse learning based on each specific course before February 10, and apply online teaching through the WeChat group. Students need to actively cooperate with the class supervisor to set up the group, join the corresponding learning WeChat group, and interact with the teachers in the group.      

. Conducting online learning

    The teaching of the oretical courses shall be carried out according to the schedule during the period of epidemic prevention and control. Teachers shall send online learning resources in the WeChat group,  upload teaching courseware, recommend reading references, assign homework, and carry out online Q & A according to the teaching process. Online learning shall be officially launched on February 24. During the period of online learning, students shall be strictin self-discipline, develop good habit of study and rest, be familiar with the teaching platform resources and master the using of basic tools of distant learning in advance according to the requirements from teachers, participate in online teaching, and prepare for offline classroom studies of face-to-face teaching, discussion, case analysis or display after returning to school.

    Students need to actively complete the assignments on the Internet, send them to the WeChat group for teacherscorrection, and print the homework after the official start of school, bind them together in book form and submit it to the teachers. This work shall be used as the basis for the daily performance evaluation of the course.

.Adjusting the practical teaching plan

    (1) Undergraduate graduation design(thesis) work. Graduation design (thesis) proposal work shall be completed before March 13. If the epidemic prevention and control period is not over by then, it is not suggested to organize centralized thesis proposal defense. The tutor shall guide the students through Wechat, QQ and other ways online to conduct literature research, design or research content and scheme demonstration of graduation design (thesis). For the topic selection of graduation design, the instructor shall guide the students to design and write the topic according to the plan through various forms such as network and telephone; for the topic selection of graduation thesis, it is necessary to do the preparation work of experimental scheme demonstration, reference reading, etc. before returning to school, and finish the experiment and thesis writing as soon as possible after returning to school. Graduation design (thesis) defense, art major graduation design exhibition and other activities shall be notified separately according to the time of returning to school and graduation arrangements.

    (2) The thesis proposal section was completed before January 2020. Graduates graduation design (thesis) shall be completed in the first ten days of June 2020. During this period, the tutor can guide and supervise the students to complete the writing of graduation thesis through WeChat, telephone and other ways. The random review and defense time of graduation design (thesis) shall be notified separately according to the time of returning to school and graduation arrangements.

    (3) Practices and experiments such as metalworking practice, electronic practice and course experiment shall benotified separately according to the time of returning to school.

    (4) All internship and training activities shall be suspended. The internship of graduation shall be arranged according to the decision made by HBUT Epidemic Prevention and Control Group.

. Arrangement about other teaching activities

    The supplementary exams of 2019-2020 academic year first semester are postponed to the third to fourth week after returning to school.



Teaching Affairs Office

School of International Education

Wuhan Technology and Business University

February 2, 2020