The first "Ai Hua Cup" students Chinese speech contest


12: 30 noon on December 5, 2019. In order to test the Chinese learning situation of Korean students coming to China for half a year, the Institute of International Education implements the student-oriented teaching concept. The first Yihua Cup Chinese speech contest was held at the gymnasium. The competition was hosted by the International Institute of Education and hosted by the English Club. Mrs. Zhang Mengci, Mrs. an Feng, Mrs. Tong Menglin, Mrs. Chen Yu and Mr.s Lu Qin were invited to the competition.

(pictured above is the teacher of the contest judges)

 At the beginning of the competition, teacher Anfeng of the School of Economics and Business Foreign Languages delivered a speech to the contest in Chinese and Korean bilingual language. In her speech, Ms. Anfeng said that learning language should not only stop at learning, but also need be able to apply it.

  (The top figure is the contestant's speech)

There are 11 contestants from the Institute of International Education. During the competition, the contestants need to complete their self-introduction, PPT speech and password twists, of which the contestants also need to find an audience to cooperate in the competition. The contest ended successfully in the host's concluding remarks. Korean students sincerely express their gratitude to teachers and students, saying that in the future life and study, they will not forget their original ideals and aspirations, and forge ahead.

(pictured above for a group photo of the contest)