Consultant Liu Ligang came to our institute for investigation



At 9: 00 a.m. on November 20, 2019, WTBU consultant Liu Ligang went to the Institute of International Education to investigate and hold a symposium in the 113 International Conference Room of Foreign language Building. At the meeting, consultant Liu put forward some opinions and suggestions on the management of foreign students, the handover with secondary colleges, and the evaluation of innovative credits. The meeting was presided over by Zhang Xiaojun, president of the Institute of International Education, and attended by Kong Shaomin, director of the International Exchange Office.

This year is the first year of the introduction of the educational background of the Wuhan Chamber of Commerce and Industry, and the experience of the International Education Institute is insufficient. There are many problems to be solved urgently. At the meeting, Mr. Liu Ligang made a reference to the main problems faced by the College in the current international education.

Dr. Anfeng, the Dean's assistant, spoke of a number of problems in the interaction, management and cohesion between the International Institute of Education and the secondary school in which the academic qualifications were present, due to the fact that it was the first to enter the school this year. Who would you like to ask for a leave? Where is the file, those files need to be archived? In addition, that issue of long-term leave for the international student, the course arrangement in the second-level college, the certification system of the innovation credit, the registration of the visiting personnel of the student's dormitory and the like are discussed.

Before the answer, Liu said that the training of international students is not only for the development of the school. It should be taken into account that the school should also stand in the national position and train international friends. In the handover with the secondary college, the daily management of the international students is mainly based on the State Education Institute, and the teaching arrangement should follow the teaching work arrangement of the two-level colleges. Since there is no way of relative closure of the student's dormitory, the registration of the visiting personnel should be based on the education in the event that the student's dormitory cannot be avoided. With regard to the application of the foreign student's innovative credit, it is also necessary to set up a new credit certification system in line with the actual situation of the international students.

 Liu said that the English course of the Chinese Academy of Education can be replaced by the Chinese course, and the ideological and political course should be replaced with the action of the Chinese cultural lesson. The mathematical foundation of the Malaysian students is not in prison, and the threshold should be lowered in the mathematics teaching and the passing score. For students who need to take leave for a long time, to remove the immunity of the foreigners, the students are mainly in the study of learning, and the study is the main industry. If there is a need for a long-term leave, the students may apply for dismissal.

President Zhang said that, at present, the students of our school have a relatively single source of students, and for the international students to set up a brand, we should build the brand market and extend to other countries. According to the current state situation, Liu said that the opening of Russian majors is in accordance with the present form. At present, our school is in frequent interaction with the Belarusian State University, and then the Prime Minister of Kazakhstan has graduated from Wuhan University, which is very deep in the origin of Hubei, and opens up the source of students in the Russian region. The International Education Institute should combine the situation and improve the teacher's level.

In addition, in order for the International Institute of Education to fully draw the experience of the management of overseas students, Mr. Liu has contacted the relevant head of the Hubei Industrial University and arranged the International Education Institute to visit the study on Monday.