The opening ceremony of Foreign students in the Autumn of 2019 at WTBU



    On the afternoon of September 23,2019, the opening ceremony of the foreign students of the Wuhan Technology and Business University was held in the international conference room of the foreign language building 113. The Secretary of the selected relevant professional college of the international students and the counselors and the students of the international students, expressing the welcome and the beginning of the school.Zhang Xiaojun, the dean of the Institute of International Education, and Kong Shaomin, the director of the International Exchange Office, attended the meeting which was presided over by the assistant An Feng .   

     An Feng said that this fall, the Institute of International Education ushered in the first batch of 9 undergraduate students from Malaysia and the fifth group of 11 semester exchange students from South Korea, indicating that the international exchange work of Wuhan Institute of Commerce and Industry has reached a new level and played a good role in promoting the recruitment of foreign students. 

    Dean Zhang Xiaojun welcomed the foreign students, introduced the general situation of the school and college to the students, and said that this year is the first year of our school's retention of students, hope that Malaysia and South Korean students do not choose to realize the dream of taking off. Kong Shaomin, director of the International Exchange Office, said she was the first person to come into contact with international students because of her international exchange work, and even went to some Malay students'schools, but had only been able to communicate with her classmates online before, which made her very excited.

   At the end of the national anthem ceremony, An Feng showed the participants a video produced by the south korean exchange ginger hi-jian. In three minutes, he showed the study and life of 20 foreign students during the school term this fall.

   At the same time,20 foreign students and their own professional college secretaries and counselors know each other, to adapt to the study of life to do a good job.