Students from School of Logistics perform flash mob “Young China” to commemorate youth day


        “Fighting for national sovereignty, punishing traitor, striving for right and returning back Qingdao”. 14 university students wearing civilian costumes raising arms and shouting in front of Multiple-use Building at noon on 26 April, causing many passing students to stop and watch. It turned out that this was flash mob “Youth China” by the students of Party Branch of School of Logistics for the 100th anniversary of Youth Day.



The picture is the event site    Photography: Li Fangting

        “Feng Yuanyuan, Party Branch Secretary of School of Logistics said: “I didn't expect the students to be so creative and thoughtful. This flash mob is a spontaneous organization of students from Party Branch. The students hope to turn the activities into a second class for young people to learn, and spirit of May Fourth Movement, which is based on patriotism and revitalization of China, can be passed down in a way that more students like to see and hear” after seeing the flash mob.