Representatives from Daejin University of Korea visited the WTBU


        Jiang Bingxiu, Director of International Communication Section, and Mr. Yan Taiwan of Daejin University of Korea visited the WTBU on the afternoon of 24th April.

        During the visit, representatives of Daejin University of Korea conducted in-depth discussions on the cooperation project with responsible person of School of Applied Technology of the WTBU, had a discussion with the students of Daejin University who exchanged and studied at the WTBU, and gave lectures on the topic of studying in Korea and culture.

        It is reported that Daejin University of Korea has established inter-school cooperation with the WTBU since 2016, and the two universities have visited each other nearly ten times. Daejin University of Korea transports exchange students to the WTBU to study Chinese language, history and culture. Students of the WTBY also go to Daejin University of Korea to participate in the program of upgrading from junior college to university.