Volunter recruitment


  Looking for a volunteer experience? Looking to help out on campus? Check out Volunteer for New International Students.

  From September 4 to September 8, our international students will arrive in our campus to register and enroll for the new semester. We will recruit volunteers throughout the University to offer help to the international students in registration.



Help freshmen to complete registration process.


Introduce freshmen the campus life.


Help freshmen adapt to the new living environment.


Gain opportunities to communicate with international students.

Date: Setember 4, 2019 to September 8, 2019




1. Student who have studied and lived on the main campus for at least 1 year.


2. Any nationality.


3. Generous, outgoing, friendly and being able to respect international students are the qualities needed to be volunteer.


4. Priority shall be given to students who can speak at least one foreign language .


5. Endure hardships and stand hard, volunteers should be able to abide by the job arrangement of volunteer Service group, and strictly obey the related discipline and stipulation.


Job duties:

  In the orientation, volunteers are supposed to undertake pick-up, registration, life guidance and offer other voluntary services.


1. Certificate of Volunteering


2. The experience of volunteering can be added to the consideration for application for scholarship next year.


3. Perfect encounter with new international students.