Internship | Visit "Rookie Network"



    On the day 20th June , all Korean students from Daejin University attended the meeting about corporate internship at 114 - the International meeting room. According to the requirements on Memorandum of Cooperation between two universities, WTBU will arrange at least one Chinese company for the students to have the close contact to know better about Modern Industrial Construction, and this semester we contacted well-known enterpriseRookie Network(translated by the Chinese name菜鸟网络) in the Wuhan Huangpi district.


    Rookie Logistics, whichlocated in Huangpi District of Wuhan,is the branch company of the head officeShenzhen Beiling Technology Logistics Co., Ltd.,and this timeteachersZhang Qing and An Fengwill lead all Korean students to pay a visit to theRookie Networkin Wuhan.


    According to the regulations of the company, Mrs.Zhangreinforced the notifications and precautionsof the companyfor those who would like to pay thevisitto the internship base, for example: 1)allvisitors can notcarry cigarettes and lighters but also cannot bring their cellphones as well,2)all visitors cannot wearslippers and sandals or wear shorts, Skirts, besides that anyjewelry also is forbidden to wear. Although girls felt some of those rules are not convenient to them, but they chose to respect it.




    After a brief introduction of the activity, allstudents were very interested init, They saidsince they went to China, they had already become the loyal fans of TAOBAO. Liangmingchen,one of the Korean girls mentioned that she can receive many goods purchased from Taobao within 3days, which really impressed her a lot.

With the rapid development of Chinese logistics industry, numerous folks experienced the advanced technology and quality service, except for local people, an increasing number of foreigners also enjoyed the benefits from it. The leader from the international students said :we are very pleased that the school arranged such internship for us, I believe it shall be an meaningful trip for all of us.