Dragon Dance Training2



May 20, 2019 7:30 pm ,Wuhan university of Business and Technology.International Friends Dragon Dance Team,holded the dragon training on the first floor of the stadium.There were merely 5 days left until the official competition of the “2nd Huangjiahu Dragon Boat Culture Festival.


After some warming up movements Mr. Zhou Long, the coach, asked them to review the previous dance movements. Mr. Zhou said: Although there is no training on the weekend, they have done very well in every movement, and I always have high expectations for them, they definitely will not let me down.


As far as we know there were no other new movements in this week’s training, but they have to add up to 5 minutes and 30 seconds of music in the rehearsal to connect with the rhythm of the music. Among the music, there was about one-minute Korean dance performance brought by seven Korean students.Tonight, Korean students were the first to show their prepared dances in front of everyone. When they danced, the applause rose.


As a member of the friends team, Korean student Hong Minying who got injury from unexpected accident, however, she still stay with the members, another girl ,LiChunrong, also accompanied with her beloved classmates in the case of any extra accident happened. When Mr. Zhou asked Mingying if she needed someone to replace her, She smiled and replied: No, I can hold on. There are several movements’ speed in the exercise that need to be accelerated but Hong Minying never complained, which encouraged everyone.