Dragon Dance Training1


At 7:30 pm on May 7th , International Friends Dragon Dance Team of Wuhan University of Business and Technology started their dragon training on the first floor of the gymnasium. There were about three weeks from the opening of the 2nd Huangjiahu Dragon Boat Culture Festival.

According to the rules, this special dragon dance team had to be formed with 10 foreigners (7 Korean students and 3 foreign teachers ), one person was responsible for the dragon ball and the other nine people controlled the dragon body.

Before training their coach Mr.zhou firstly led all members to warm up, and then all group members began to imitate every movement as the coach showed. Mr.zhou said even though none of them had any experience before, however, they seemed born with such gifts for all of them showed incomparable team spirits and superb skills, he also mentioned that he had high expectation of this team, and he believed that our International Friends Dragon Dance Team can help him to win the champion.