English Debating Competition


It was on 10 am on May 9, 2019, when the International Education College and the English club of WTBU hosted an English Debating Competition in Foreign Language Building Room 608.

The theme of this debate is “Should girls actively pursue boys?” It was attended by a team of Korean students and members of the English club. And the Korean students are in the pro side, while the Chinese students are in the con side. They debated fiercely according to the order and the topic they had got.

During the competition, all the debaters were full of confidence and well-matched. They brought the whole competition into one climax after another with their good performance.

In the part of the summary, the both sides of the third debater against opponent’s logical loopholes one by one hit back, thinking clearly, citing from the classics. In the question-and-answer part, the debaters from both sides also responded calmly and made witty remarks.

At last, the judges made wonderful comments on this competition. Dr. Fida announced that the winner of this debate is the con side, and Miss Sandrah announced that the best debaters are Li Chunrong and Zheng Ziyi.

The debate competition not only enriched our campus cultural life, but also enhanced our friendship with Korean students.

                                                                           Correspondent: Huangxiang