Traditional Chinese art class --- Paper Cutting


At 10:20 am, Thursday, April 25, 2019, All Korean students enjoyed a wonderful and unforgettable lesson about traditional Chinese art class --- Paper Cutting, in classroom 608, Foreign Language Building, Wuhan Institute of Business and Technology.


This was the very first class for most of the Korean students to get to know more about the sophisticated Chinese paper cutting, at the beginning of the class Mrs. Zhang Qing showed some prearranged questions to the students and then played a video about the historical evolution of Chinese paper-cutting. All students watched video carefully and wrote down the keywords when it came to the relevant answers for the questions.   


Chinese Paper-cutting Art has a history of 1,500 years, It has become a national art in the Qing Dynasty until now we can still find paper-cuts all over the country in different local styles. The most famous place for Chinese paper-cutting is in Yuxian , Hebei Province. Instead of using the scissors Yuxian folks used small custom-made knife to engraving the paper and it gradually formed its own unique artistic style in composition, shape and color.


Paper-cutting not only expresses the aesthetic hobbies of the masses, but also contains the profound psychology of the nation, and is also one of the most distinctive folk arts in China. The characteristics of Chinese paper-cutting are exquisite, simple, beautiful, and vividly reflected the feelings and hopes of the working people.


   All students actively participated in this traditional paper-cutting class, they showed great interests in the art of paper-cutting and created their own paper-cutting works. Through the study of this paper-cutting class, the students fully felt the charm of Chinese national art.