At 10:30 am, April 4, 2019, the hand work class for Korean studentswas held in Foreign Language Building Room 608.  The Xin Yuan clubs member was taught this course for international students. With the help of the members,  nine foreign students completed the course successfully.

The class began witha brief introduction about the procedure of making different types of handicrafts, after the introduction, Han from Xin Yuan Handicraft Club distributed scissors, needles, Nonwovens and pendant heads tointernational students, and then nine foreign students selected their owntargets. Piao Minghuan, Li Chunrong and Zheng Shengfan chose thecat claws while Cui Youting and Li Baoxian were deciding to make dolphins, Zhao Juanzhenchose the cutebear, Liang Mingchenchose the cartoon character Pikachu and Yu Taishan chose his favorite Minions.

Among all the students,Chun Rong did an excellent performance, She not only drew various parts of cat's claws on Nonwovens quickly but also sewed them skillfully withneedlework, that was the reason why shequickly completed hercat's claws. When she began her second work, Peach the other eight students were still attempting to finish their jobs at different stages. Due to the fact that the Peach craft was simple and easy, she still surpassed everybody.

At 11:50, Sheng Fan finally completed his first art work --- the cat's claw, and Chun Rong's also completed her peach craft at the same time. For the complicated procedure of the Minions, Taishan spent lots of efforts to make his work delicate, in order to help him finish his work on time, there were four members from the club helped him separately , some people made the eyes and body and some other make hands and feet, with the help of such huge team he eventually accomplished his aim in time.  Youting barely spoke much during the whole process, she was very conscientious and absorbed in her job. Juanzhen had a slow speed in the progress for the inferior geographical position, she was sitting in the middle of the classroom and seldom people could reach her. Baoxian and Minying cooperated very well and helpled each other all the time.


The class should have ended at 12:00,however, they postponed the class for another  20 minutes. We would like to finish the works here, I know we can do it !  said one the students, she continued said It was a fun class, I learned a lot, thanks for providing us such wonderful class, I had more chances to talk with more Chinese friends !