Chinese culture, flipped classroom (2)



  At 10:30 am, April 11, 2019, all South Korean students attended another flipped classroom in foreign language building 608. By using rich and colorful PPT, they found a special way to get to know more about the country with more than 5000 years history .  

  As well as the usual, everyone had 15 minutes to present a period of dynasty history which chosen by themselves before, which including the background, important figures, historical allusions and representatives. For some of them already done the presentations, today’s new challengers obviously gained more experience and gave the speeches much more wonderful than the precious students.

  Zheng ShengfanClass A’s student who merely learned Chinese less 3 months, even though  he had some problems with the pronunciation, he still did wonderful job by utilizing splendid PPT format and animation. Another student Li Chunrong, she not only well organized her task, but also added an Q&A part in the end of the whole process. As a student from Class B (advanced class) ,she certainly did the best job in the interaction for communication with the other students can not only get a gift as a reward, but can consolidate the memory of knowledge. There is noting more delightful than receive a decent encouragement because every effort should be paid back.

  Piao Minghuan voiced the history of the Shang dynasty with an enthusiastic performance in another four unique aspects---Discovery, Relics, Politics and Extinction. Although it was also a presentation about the history, however , he rearranged each section with different views , which totally refreshed our minds.

 Mrs. Zhang Qing said“For mastering a language and achieving the ideal learning effect,we should be good at finding students’ strengths and guiding them to conquer their short comings , the authentic study will happen when we teach them by using their own natural abilities.”