Chinese culture, flipped classroom (1)





    At 10:30 am, April 4, 2019, the literature class of Korean studentswould be held in foreign language building 608. The four students presented the history of  Tang,Qin,Liao,Xixia andYuan dynasties in PPT format.

  The four narratorseach took 15 minutes to expound the history of the dynasty they chosed from four aspects, including the background, important figures, historical allusions and representative works of the corresponding dynasties.


    First of all, Liang Mingchen talked about the history of the Tang dynasty.Not only Li Bai's iron pestle grinding needle allusions, but also about Bai Juyi's song of everlasting regret.Next, Zhao Juanzhen presented the history of the Qin dynasty.From the beginning of the emperor unified six states, to use the same text, use the same track, and then to the Qin Shihuang Terracotta Warriors , and later in the battle of Hai Xia <Farewell to My Concubine> story.Then Yu Taishan told the history of Liao, Xixia and Jin together.

    The last showed was usually the grand finale.Sure enough,with detailed materials and abundant pictures, Cui Youyan vividly narrated the history of the Yuan dynasty from establishment to decline.She even introduced the story of Yan Hui, a painter unknown to some Chinese.And she also popularized the mix ghostswas the result of Yuan drama at the earliest.It's really cold knowledge.


     For these four students who had just come to China forone month, they done a great job.They spoke Chinese all the way throughtheexplaining.neither humble nor pushy.But the fly in the ointmentwas that some of the Chinese characters in the PPT they made do not agree with the same pronunciation.Hopefully,they can correct their mistakes after this explanation,reinforce strengths and circumvent weaknesses.